The first thing Joann needed was a 75-page textbook, A Trauma Informed Approach for Adolescent Sexual Health.

Joann asked that the cover be designed to work with her previous workbook, The T.O.P. Workbook for Sexual Health, with a simple line illustration of a tree on the cover.

The next task was to create a new identity—for use in both her next book and as a logo for the Practice Self-Regulation program. A simple illustration style was used to work with the original tree illustration and to represent the unfurling of a traumatized youth into a healthy individual.

We created several variations for use in different sizes, in a cool and calming blue-green-grey color scheme which also helps to coordinate her previous books.

The 105-page Practice Self-Regulation workbook followed, along with session plans and marketing, communications, and trade-show materials.

The latest project has been the most challenging. Joann asked that I create an alternative to the Gender Unicorn—something not mythical, and that would better illustrate the breadth of possibilities.

The first two sheets are double-sided and the third is single-sided. Separate so that counselors could use the first with young children, and all three with older youth. They might use dry-erase pens on laminated sheets, or provide printouts for the youth to take home.