When the MaineToday.com brand was repositioned as a culture and entertainment calendar, a new logo and web design concept grew from the distinctive skyline of Maine’s biggest city.

A series of 21 photos shot from across Portland Harbor were stitched together as the basis for the layered-skyline vector file, which was then developed further in Photoshop for a full-peninsula background users would see if their browser window could be made wide enough. Characteristic waterfront features such as DiMillo’s Floating Restaurant, Casco Bay Island Transit’s iconic “Island Romance” ferry and the Ocean Gateway would display additional information on hover. Viewers with a keen eye and knowledge of Portland would also spot the ever-animating sign at the top of the “Time & Temperature Building” at the top of the Old Port. The sun sets over the Porland skyline as seen in this illustration when viewed from South Portland’s Bug Light at mid-summer.