One of the nice things about creating a report for on-screen viewing is that spreads can be different lengths if the content calls for it. And this report—similar to those published in the industry, but encompassing far more companies—warranted a couple of very long pages for its feature list of the top 150 companies. The bar chart of products sold by these companies was also quite long, so both these spreads use longer pages. (A printer-friendly version was also made available.)

Another nice thing about a PDF report is the ability to jump from items in the table of contents right to the content itself, then jump back with the little “menu” affordance in the top right of each spread.

The overall design of this inaugural report uses somewhat intense visual techniques—the oversized date and spartan color palette on the cover as well as high-contrast and angular visuals on the interior—because 2020 was an intense year, especially for this industry.

  • Construction Supply
  • Lumber
  • Building Supply
  • Annual Report