How to format your email signature in WordPress

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First, in a new WordPress page, type out all the information you want to include in your signature, using line breaks (shift-return) or carriage returns (return).

Next, for your phone number:

  • Highlight the plain text phone number and click the link icon to insert a link.
  • In the link field, enter tel: followed by your phone number, with no spaces or dashes. For example tel:2073589532
  • Hit enter or click Apply to insert the link.

Then, for your website address:

  • Highlight the plain text domain name and click the link icon to insert a link.
  • In the link field, enter the whole URL of your website, including the http, etc. I recommend going to your site in a browser, then copying it from the URL/location field.
  • Hit enter or click Apply to insert the link.

And for your street address:

  • Go to Google Maps and search for your street address.
  • When it shows the correct location on the map, click Share in the left panel and then Copy link.
  • Go back to your WordPress page.
  • Highlight the street address and click the link icon to insert a link.
  • Paste the link to your map and hit enter or click Apply to insert the link.

Instead of a simple map, you can create your own custom Google map and use that link instead.

Once you have links created, select them and use the text-color tool in WordPress to specify they use your brand link color. You can also add a logo or photo using WordPress, but don’t adjust layout (use only line breaks or carriage returns) because different email clients interpret layout HTML very differently.

Then publish your page privately, or save the draft and preview it so that you can test the links. When it looks and works correctly, copy the signature from the Visual tab (not the Text tab) and paste it into your email client’s signature area. Then, send yourself a test message with that signature and make sure things look and work right.

If you’d like to further customize the layout of your signature, I can help—let me know.