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A founding member of, Wendy Clark served for 14 years as the site’s senior designer until leaving in 2009 to design and develop with her own team for clients across the country. Wendy studied graphic design at the Art Institute of Boston and the University of Massachusetts. Her toolkit includes graphic design, user-interface design, HTML and CSS proficiency, experience with various content-managment systems, expertise with standard development tools, meticulous project management, and the ability to shepherd a project from scribbles on a napkin to a beautiful and effective work of technology and art.

Drawing from a selection of trusted local and national professionals, Wendy creates a team appropriate for each project—allowing for flexibility and eliminating unnecessary overhead costs.

Member, AIGA
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Recent Client Recommendations

“Wendy is one of the most creative and talented people I’ve worked with on web development projects. Wendy took the time to really understand my organization’s mission and goals. She put a lot of thought and hard work into developing our website— We’re very pleased with the results. She really knows her stuff when it comes to websites and design. She’s a great person to work with. I highly recommend her.”

Benjamin SturtevantCommunications Coordinator at MRRA

“Our non-profit advocacy organization, Mass-Care, which seeks to establish health care as a right for all residents of Massachusetts, had struggled with a poorly functioning web-site for years.

“We went through an internal process of figuring out exactly what we wanted from a new web-site, and put a request out to bid. Wendy Clark Design came back with by far the strongest proposal and the most impressive portfolio of work, and we’ve been thrilled with the results. Through a very well-organized back and forth process of taking our feedback on mockups, now has an attractive design, easy-to-use interface, an issue blog, full integration with broader social media, and simple tools for us to highlight important events and news that are relevant to our members. Wendy’s team is also experienced in graphic design, and they made some important alterations to our logo, which we were also redesigning.

“I would highly recommend Wendy to anyone taking a second look at their web-presence, and is in need of a site that looks great and meets the functional needs of your organization or company!”

Benjamin DayExecutive Director at Mass-Care

“Working with Wendy on the process of creating a new website and blog was a pleasure from beginning to end. She began with a very clear, detailed proposal, and then she delivered what she promised, exactly as she promised.

“Wendy began by getting a clear, specific idea of the purpose of my website and who I was trying to reach with it. Everything she created was matched to this purpose, from the photography she oversaw to the design itself. Furthermore, she was very responsive to my questions and ideas, and her responsiveness made me very confident at each step in the process.

“Altogether, I have never had a better experience working with someone on a design project, and if I had another project to go on to, I would definitely work with Wendy again. Her attitude is professional yet approachable, and her work is of the highest quality (everyone who has seen my website gets that, and several have asked me to refer them to her).”

Mark NakellIndividual and Marriage Counselor/Psychotherapist

“Wendy worked with me through a long, challenging website creation process with faith, understanding, patience, skill, professionalism, kindness, and warmth. She didn’t just conceive and build me a website, she built a hub for building a career, sparking collaborations, and opening conversation, a website that allows me to independently implement multiple tools that will deepen my work. I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Tavia GilbertVoice Talent at Simon and Schuster

“I worked with Wendy to completely redesign and re-haul my website, which, up until that point, I had been relatively happy with and felt it had served me well. So the bar coming in for Wendy was already pretty high, as I had been quite attached to my ‘old’ site for six years in business.

“Not only was Wendy able to graciously and effectively bring me into the new world of WordPress from my former HTML comfort zone, she blew the DOORS off of my expectations for what I would get as a final product. Wendy is the complete package: she’s an extraordinary listener, a creative genius, a technical wizard, a top notch problem-solver and a crackerjack producer. She has integrity, resourcefulness, and strong communication abilities. She is thorough, honest, compassionate, intuitive, enthusiastic, and completely grounded. Her estimates are accurate and her deliveries are on-time.

“Since launching my ‘new’ site March 1st, I have received RAVE reviews from my clients, who tell me the how much better the site reflects me and the SheChanges brand. That’s all Wendy. They tell me how easy it is to navigate, how clean and crisp and sophisticated it looks. In terms of concrete measures, I will tell you my Facebook “likes” have gone up exponentially (x10 more per/week than before) as have my Twitter follwers and my newsletter subscribers.

“I am now three months into my site, and I continue to be impressed by Wendy’s responsiveness as I find my way on my ‘new’ platform.

“I was so impressed with her work, that I hired her to also redesign my electronic stationary, my Constant Contact newslettter, and also my Facebook and Twitter pages so that all reflect the new look and feel of my website.

“Hands down the best experience I’ve had as a business owner with ANY professional to date. Wendy is TOP notch in my book. I highly recommend her to anyone who will stand still long enough to listen!”

Lael JepsonOwner, SheChanges ~ certified professional coach, OD consultant and retreat leader for women